A Warm Welcome From Our Chairman

I am delighted to welcome you to this new website for Young Minds Unleashed and invite you to explore further to learn more about the work we do and how you can help to support us.

I am pleased to have been appointed as the chairman for the board of trustees of Unleashing Lives which are run Young Minds Unleashed. I look forward to the many years to come as we continue our work to address the need for positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience for young people. 

I have done a lot of different roles and work with young people over the years and I kept seeing the issues that young people face and knew something needed to be done so that young people had a voice and to help support and guide these young people.

The pressures and demands being faced by children and young people, coupled with a lack of resources and poor coping strategies, is having a detrimental effect on their ability to flourish. Children and young people are suffering with poor mental health; there is an increase in depression and anxiety along with self-harm and panic attacks. With over half of all mental health problems starting before the age of 14, there is an urgent need to provide support to children and young people at an earlier stage.

Young Minds Unleashed is set up to improve the wellbeing and resilience of children and young people through providing training in how to develop positive mental health, wellbeing and resilience. We work with schools, partners and youth clubs to develop and deliver early prevention programmes, toolkits and resources.

We are always raising funds for our projects and call on anyone who thinks they can help to get involved in whatever way they can, with donations large and small, to help us continue to unleash the potential in the lives of all that we help. 

Kind Regards

Matthew Bridger